Project Management and Malawi CARE

I honed project management skills during a collaborative project between NGO CARE Malawi and the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2015. I was part of a team of 20 videographers, reporters and data journalists who traveled to central Malawi to produce an interactive healthcare experience online. With over 100 assets, including video documentaries, motion graphics, investigative stories, mini-narratives and journal entries, as project manager I was tasked with coordinating deadlines, editing stories and managing the development of a CMS to display the assets.

While in Malawi, I was the point person in charge of deadlines and ensuring content was up to journalists’ quality standards, as well as meeting CARE’s needs. I was constantly available day and night for 10 days as we worked on-site. Back in the states, I coordinated tri-weekly meetings for 3 months,  team email communication as well the user testing for the CMS.

The final product,, culminated in a live premiere at the UNC Center for Global Initiatives. I planned an event dedicated to awareness for CARE’s cause along with promoting the UNC-produced documentaries and online experience. Seeing the project from start to finish was one of the most exhilarating professional experiences of my life, and it was meaningful work with others on the accomplishment. While I have worked as a project manager since “Raising the Score,” it remains an important example of my abilities to delegate tasks, resolve conflict, prioritize goals, work across different cultures and execute a project on deadline.