As a part of my internship at the Tampa Bay Times, I was able to head up a project that featured a countdown of the best local high school football players. I coordinated this joint endeavor with staff sports writers, photographers, editors and social media experts at the Times.

The web application, HOMETEAM 100, has 11 separate web pages, created with JSON data plugged into lede.js templates. Each page is a listicle of sorts, and the pages were released daily for almost two weeks as a part of the countdown to the number one local player. The final template is a feature on the top-ranked athlete, Nate Craig-Myers.

The project, while aided by fantastic writing and photography by staffers, held a huge online presence much in part to my two daily scheduled tweets and one daily Facebook post. As project manager, not only did I plan, gather information, design and execute the web application, I was also responsible for its dissemination to the online high school athletic community, a group I quickly realized is both media-savvy and very likely to share the successes of their peers and themselves. I was able to harness this audience with the added capability to share (via twitter, facebook, email) each athlete on the list of 100.