Why should I live fresh?

Just go for a drive across the Carolinas as you head to the mountains or beach for vacation, and you’ll notice there’s no shortage of farmers markets and sustainable businesses sprinkled along the route. From Weaver Street Market in Chapel Hill to 39 Rue de Jean in Charleston, these businesses offer more than just the local take on fresh produce. They offer a glimpse at our eco-friendly culture and the lifestyles of Carolinians who are passionate about living and eating in a green state of mind. As we all try to live more sustainably — to cut back on energy consumption and grab the freshest produce — it’s the people behind this movement who know how to do it best, and we want to connect you to them. At Carolina Fresh, we believe going green should be simple, and in our magazine, we strive to take the guesswork out of each season for you. Looking to find eco-friendly party goods for your summer barbecue?


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From the farm to the grocery store, how organic foods earn their label. By Alyssa Bailey Staff Writer When Sasha Talley, a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, shops at Weaver Street Market, she looks at labels. She doesn’t consider herself an avid organic shopper, but she knows the wording on… Read more »

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Each month, we pick out must-haves to try, buy and share from sustainable businesses across the Carolinas. This month, we checked out a community-run grocery near Chapel Hill. By Stephanie Kelly Staff Writer Weaver Street Market, a co-op grocery store with three locations in the Chapel Hill area, functions on freshness. The Carrboro store, located… Read more »