Find N’ Play Django WebApp

This Django/python webapp was created as a tool to search and filter a list of local playgrounds. It can be utilized anywhere in the world, and anyone can add a playground that can then be shared with the community. The group’s user experience brainstorm was a good challenge in balancing creativity, utility and feasibility. Each week, we were tasked with being able to show a fully-working Herokuapp Django application with complete JavaScript and CSS style. The project required 10+ hours each week for two months. As project manager, I was in charge of planning group meetings, managing time and the task list, as well as all communication with the group and with our Professor Steven T. King. I managed the GitHub account for the group and also worked on some of the smaller features of the webapp.


  • Customized Google Maps with location services and search
  • Filter feature to narrow down desired playground
  • User login and reviews
  • Add a Playground” feature
  •  Quality, tested user experience design

I was lucky to work with four of the brightest and most fun people on this project: Ana Rocha, Alex Hails, Katie Marriner and Xing Huang.