Blogostroika: The Rise of Citizen Journalism in Cuba

See Article       As a part of an International Communication course at UNC, I researched and wrote a journal article on something important to me: the role of journalists in democracy.

This article analyzes the potential consequences of the rise of the blogosphere in Cuba. Following the introduction Web 2.0, the Internet became more of a conversation. This created an interesting opportunity for citizen journalism to evolve outside of the traditional Cuban, soviet-style communist model of the press. No longer needing accreditation, journalists can work send their opinions to outside bloggers and act as subversive, revolutionary actors against their government.

The “blogostroika” presents a critical study in international communication. I have focused on the future of the blogging community in Cuba looking at the work and fame of internationally-known Yoani Sánchez along with interviewing some of her blogging peers. These investigations speak to a larger “media literacy” that is changing with the changing mediums of communication.